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The results are in! Our own Bear Stephenson was voted “Best Auctioneer” as Knoxville’s Best of the Best  2019 in CityView Magazine.   Congratulations!!

…This year we had an enormous surge of voter participation. At times, we had over 25,000 votes per day, and the grand total was just under 380,000 votes.  It was by far our biggest turnout—ever! …
The most popular category outside of food—Hair Salon—and left little surprise there as Grow has dominated that category for several years. And that brings up an interesting point about who is really the best and why. It is the “why” that consistently allows for fresh, more motivated talent to enter the winner’s circle. Traditional business models touted who they were and what they did or offered, but we would say that companies like Apple broke that mold. They started with “why,” and for the modern consumer this creates a bond through how they feel about the company’s actions. And when your customers believe in not only what you are doing, but why you are doing it–shazam–it’s like magic. They will follow you anywhere.

That kind of emotional loyalty builds modern brands. Customers tell you not only where they go, but why they go there.

In the “People” category:  Best Auctioneer – Bear Stephenson

Best of the Best 2019

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